April, 2018:  Lots of classes this month; in my home studio, Harwood Art Center and a Mosaic Mural class with Lisa Dominici at her studio.  The April classes are all full, but I have classes coming up in June and July in my studio at UNM Continuing Education and through Oasis Albuquerque.  Check the Classes page here for information and links to register.  Drop me a note if you want to get on my mailing list to find out when new classes are added!  Here is a picture of the beautiful pieces created by students in the weekend class on Apr. 7-8, 2018 at Harwood Art Center.

all pieces.jpg


Next week I will get the keys to my new little studio at Harwood Art Center!  I have a studio at home, where I also teach workshops, but I decided I also need a place away from all the distractions at home to work on commission mailboxes and toasters.  I'll still be doing all kinds of mosaic madness at home too, of course.

March, 2018:  I attended the Society of American Mosaic Artists conference in Boston this month!  Blizzards outside, but incredible, inspiring (if not intimidating, in some cases) artwork inside.  I met some great mosaic artists who I will now pester for advice on some of my new projects.  Went on a mosaic tour of the city (old Italian mosaics in a church, floor mosaics at the state capital, the Ayer Mansion designed by Louis Tiffany, two fantastic local mosaic art shows).  I attended a couple of workshops and - one of the highlights of the conference - helped work on a large mosaic mural that will be installed at the Boston Harbor.

boston mural4.jpg
boston mural5.jpg

One of the three panels that were connected into one mural.

February, 2018:  I  love transforming common household items into works of mosaic art that highlight the innate, iconic beauty of their shapes and purposes.  My mosaic mailboxes have been very popular.  Recently I started collecting vintage toasters, in love with their elegant shapes and art deco design elements.  Toasters are a simple, mundane part of all kitchens that we take for granted.  When re-purposed as art, we see them in a whole new light. 

toasters on shelves.jpg

Some of these are still in-progress.  I'm going to try to set up a Mosaic Toaster show, once I get them all finished (I now have about 20 vintage toasters, waiting to be dressed!)