A few upcoming classes and events you may be interested in:

Harwood Art Center, on Mountain Rd. and 7th St. is holding an Open Studios evening on March 2nd, 6-8pm.  Come visit my studio and see my mosaic toasters and sink and wander around the rest of the studios, too.  Some great artists at Harwood.  There are also some gallery art exhibits going on that should be really good.

Speaking of Harwood Art Center, I am teaching a weekend Intro. to Mosaics workshop there on the weekend of Apr. 6-7 that still has openings.  You can find out more info. here, so spread the word if you know anyone who might be interested:  https://www.harwoodartcenter.org/weekend-workshops/introduction-to-mosaic-art-with-jill-gatwood/.  

y classes through Oasis are full.

THINSET MORTAR Weekend workshop at my house still has two openings!  You don't have to have any mosaic experience, but if you've taken one of my classes, this is the obvious next step.  In this class we use two mosaic techniques on 7"x7" blocks that you can put outside.  We also create pieces with found objects.  And lunch is provided.  Cost is $100, send a deposit of $60 to reserve a spot. These classes have been very popular!

Mosaic Art Show: "Passages" at the April 6th - May  12th at the Open Space Visitor Center, 6500 Coors Blvd NW.  Pieces by the Mosaic New Mexico organization will be displayed.  Seeing one of these shows some 13 years ago inspired me to delve into mosaic art myself.  We have some of the best mosaic artists anywhere in Albuquerque!

Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) has their annual conference in Nashville, TN this year Apr. 23 - 27th.  I went to this conference - that provides mosaic tours and workshops - last year in Boston and it blew my mind.  I'm going back this year!  I highly recommend it.  For more information:  https://americanmosaics.org/nashville2019/registration/

Okay, that's all I can think of for now.  Please feel free to email me with any questions about any of these events, classes, or mosaic work that you are doing yourself.  And I always love to see pictures of your projects.



I send out occasional emails to my mailing list, so let me know if you want to receive them.  I will also post them here when I think of it.  For some reason, when I copy and paste them to the website, a lot of space appears between sentences.  So ya gotta do some scrolling to see it all...

November 16, 2018

Hi all,

Read down to the bottom, where I have a special offer for people interested in attending an Intro. to Mosaic Art workshop.

WEBSITE: I am currently updating my website, www.mirafloresmosaics.com to add pictures of student artwork, new classes being offered and a few other things.  The artwork by the UNM Continuing Ed. class in Sept.-Oct., 2018 is there now. If you were in that class and your piece is not pictured, please send me a picture of it so I can add it. Other classes will be added shortly.
I noticed, while perusing my own website, that some of the resources I keep promising to share with you are listed there.  Where to get dense foam for mosaic sculptures, where to get thinset tint, etc.  Take a look and let me know what I need to add.

VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE MURAL:We are almost finished with the Virgen de Guadalupe mural for the Franciscan friars!  Will cement it to the baseboard this weekend and hope to install it soon. It is fabulous.


Reminder: Harwood Art Center 12x12 art show opens the evening of Dec. 1st.  Artists around the region were given a 12x12 piece of wood on which to paint, mosaic tile, create a sculpture on... whatever they want.  Some of these are well-known, collectable artists.  I got a pre-pre-view of them yesterday and this is the best collection yet!  They all go on sale for $144 on Dec. 1st during the opening (proceeds go to Harwood Art Center).  I am telling you... you need to see this show!  There will be music and appetizers by many great restaurants. 
THINSET MORTAR WORKSHOPS:I have two thinset mortar workshops coming up at my house: Jan. 12 - 13: FULLJan. 19-20: four openings!Contact me soon to reserve your spot.


Most of the classes and workshops I offer through Albuquerque venues, including my house, range between $90 - 125 a person, and sometimes there is an added supplies fee.In January and February, on selected weekends, I will be offering small group workshops in my studio at Harwood Art Center.  Cost will be $120 total for 2 people, $140 for three people, $200 total for four people.  This is about half price, for a smaller class with even more tiles available. 

This might be a nice Christmas gift for a few of your friends or family members. I can make up a gift card for you to give them.

These are the weekends available, so reserve now!

1/5 - 1/6

1/26 - 1/27

2/2 - 2/3

2/9 - 2/10

2/23 - 2/24



June 21, 2018

First, some mosaic resources I keep promising to send out!

1. For stained glass (and stained glass classes, including mosaic art):

Hot Flash Glass

2111 San Mateo NE



 2. Source for all kinds of foam to use for mosaic sculpture armatures:

Distribution International

6711 Edith NE



3. The book I share in my classes about mosaic sculptures (that great chair): 

Sculptural Secrets for Mosaics, Julee Latimer (available on Amazon) 

4. New mosaic tile nippers currently in development; 

Better handling and designed to use less pressure. These will be especially appreciated by those with arthritis or who just want to avoid repetitive motion injuries.  They will be launched in August. To learn more:  www.getthebreda.com

 5. Mosaic tile suppliers:  

 I get most of my tiles from www.mosaicartsupply.com and www.marylandmosaics.com  I have a list of other tile suppliers, so email me for more! 

6. Tint for thinset mortar:   

SWH Art Studio: https://swhartstudioinc.wordpress.com .  I can't figure out how to order it from her website, so best to send her an email or call her at 931-389-9649 to order it.  Thinset mortar only comes in grey and white and usually it doesn't matter what color it is if used as an adhesive that doesn't show.  But sometimes tesserae is set into thinset with no grout used, so it's nice to be able to tint it.  I have only used the carbon black tint.  Be sure to remember what ratio: tint to thinset you use so that you can replicate it. 

What else did I promise to send out to you?  Let me know.


 All of my mosaic workshops in June, July and August are full.  It is possible that I will set up another thinset workshop in August and will let you know.  In SEPTEMBER I will again be teaching the 6 week mosaic classes (once a week) through UNM Continuing Education.  There will be one class in the afternoon and another class in the evening, starting on Sept. 12th.  Watch for registration opening as this class fills up fast.  I also have a two day workshop at Oasis Albuquerque, Sept. 24-25 (Mon. - Tues.). 

Lisa Dominici's class on broken dishes mosaics this coming weekend was cancelled.  There are still openings for her Mosaic Garden Art class. 

 Mosaic Garden Art

Friday July 20 11:00-3:00;

Saturday July 21 10:00-4:00

Sunday July 22 11:00-2:00

 Learn to shape and waterproof dense foam to create an mosaic to hang on an outdoor wall or to place in your garden.  Day 1: we will cut out a shape ( about 14”x14”) from insulation foam and then cover it with thinset and fiberglass mesh.  Day 2: using your choice of tile and or glass, we will mosaic the piece using the direct method and thinset. Day 3: we will grout the mosaic, paint the back and adhere the hanging device. 

  As usual, I always love to see pictures of your current projects, completed and in progress!  

If you'd like to come by and see my studio at Harwood, let me know and we can set up a time.

See you soon, Jill