Ordering a custom mailbox from Miraflores Mosaics

Delivery Time: It takes me about  two weeks to mosaic tile a mailbox, grout and seal it and send it out (some designs take a little longer).  If there are many orders before yours, obviously it will take a lot longer than that.  If you have an anniversary, birthday, or other deadline for your mailbox, order it early or check with me about expected delivery time. 

 If you live outside of New Mexico:  the easiest way to order a Miraflores Mosaic Mailbox is through my Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/MosaicMailbox

If you live in New Mexico or ColoradoGo to my contact page here and send me a note directly and we can go from there.   In this case there is no shipping charge and I can deliver it in person (Or if you live in Dominica or Thailand and are willing to fly me there with your mailbox, same deal).

Customizing your mailbox: You can order a design similar to one you see on my Etsy page and request different colors, add your address number, etc.   Or if you “think outside the box” and have your own new design idea in mind (I love to get those), just purchase any model on the site and then tell me what you really want.  You can send me pictures, describe it, we can discuss it, or just wait to be surprised!  So far, everybody’s been happy with my interpretation of their idea, but I’ll discuss it with you as long as you like.

Other design considerations

1.       I personally think that a mailbox that has your address number or your name on it is less likely to be stolen or messed with.  So I encourage you to personalize your mailbox.

2.       First thing I do is remove the red flag that comes with the metal mailbox because it covers up the artwork.  On my personal mailbox, I have a ribbon that hangs outside the box to tell the deliverer there is outgoing mail in the box.  If you really want the flag, let me know when you place your order.  (I’m trying to come up with some kind of telescoping antennae flag, so if you have any ideas about how to do that, I’d love to hear them!)

3.       Most of the time I tile standard metal mailboxes (wood is not appropriate for mosaic, as it expands and contracts).  If you want a wall-mount letter box, an extra-large mailbox or double door box, let me know.  I can mosaic tile anything, including your husband napping on the couch.

4.       I tile the back of the mailbox, too, so please let me know if the back of the mailbox is going to be covered up by the post , the wall, etc.   The back of my own mailbox is visible from the front window of my house, so I like it to be pretty.  But no reason to tile it if it’s going to be covered up.

When you receive your mailbox:

Mounting instructions:

Post:  If you don’t already have a strong mailbox post, use a 4” x 4” wooden post or a hollow metal post 3 ½” square. Sink post into the ground with concrete.

Mailbox platform:   I recommend using a Universal Mounting Bracket ($14 on my site or you can buy one at Home Depot/ Lowe’s/most home improvement stores).  It includes instructions and screws, etc.

Second option is to secure a 6" x 18 1/2" block of wood to the mailbox post.  Attach the mailbox to the wood base with 1 5/8" coarse-thread drywall screws through the side holes of the mailbox.

If your mailbox needs a small repair:

Because metal mailboxes have moving parts, it’s possible that a tile might pop off – especially on the door or around the bottom rims.  So far I’ve gotten good reports from customers in all kinds of climates about the durability of their tile mailboxes, though.  But should this happen, let me know and I will send you replacement  tiles, grout and instructions on how to repair it.  It's not hard.


Every 6 mo. or so, wipe down the mailbox with white vinegar on a clean rag. This takes off some of the haze.  Then seal it with Miracle Brand 511 Impregnator Sealer.  This is what I put on your mailbox before I send it to you.  You can get it at most Home Improvement stores.  It is not cheap, but miraculous things rarely are! Just apply it with a small paint brush, being sure to cover all the grouting, and then wipe it off with a rag.

Please send me an update if you have any problems at all.

Also:  I really appreciate getting pictures of your mailbox after it’s posted.

Thanks for your order! -          Jill