Learning how to use thinset mortar is easy, but Warning: you become dangerous when you start working with thinset, because this is what you use for outdoor, weatherproof mosaic pieces and wall murals that might last for thousands of years. You will want to tile the world!

Sat: 11 - 3:30pm
Sun: 11 - 2pm

Lunch (vegan) and drinks (including wine, if you need to take the edge off) provided

Location: My home studio in the northwest valley, Albuquerque, near 4th and Griegos.

The cost is $100. 

The first day we will use two different methods with thinset mortar to each mosaic tile an 8"x8" brick (1.5" thick).  I will describe methods used to create outdoor mosaic wall murals and table tops with thinset.  

The second day, we will grout the blocks.  Then we will create mosaics using found objects (shells, beads, wood, pebbles, jewelry, nuts and bolts, buttons, etc!  You will be asked to bring an assortment of found objects). I will demonstrate how mosaic sculptures are created and how to make an undulating substrate - using thinset and fiberglass mesh - that can be mosaic tiled.  If we have time, you can make one, too.

In this workshop, you should come away with the knowledge, practice and confidence to complete a variety of mosaic projects on your own, including wall murals, kitchen backsplashes, showers, tabletops, garden sculptures, etc.  In other words, with a bin of tiles and a bucket of thinset mortar, you will become downright dangerous!

thinset bricks nov 2018.jpg
thinset class bricks Oct 2018.jpg
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thinset class april 2018.jpg
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