Learning how to use thinset mortar is easy, but Warning: you become dangerous when you start working with thinset, because this is what you use for outdoor, weatherproof mosaic pieces and wall murals. You will want to tile the world! The Mosaic with Thinset Mortar workshops are held in my home studio. We work on 7” x 7” bricks, using two techniques: Indirect method, using mesh and Direct method, placing tiles one at a time. I describe and demonstrate mosaic tiling sculptures. Everyone also creates a small mosaic piece using thinset mortar and found objects (all different shapes and no grout required).

thinset bricks nov 2018.jpg
thinset class bricks Oct 2018.jpg
group of blocks.jpg
thinset pics.jpg
thinset class april 2018.jpg
found objects June 2018.jpg
thinset pics6.jpg
thinset pics5.jpg
thinset pics4.jpg
mosaic lizard table done.jpg
rhino on wall best.jpg
fish done.jpg